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About cookies and their use on our website

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that stores website settings. Websites store cookies on users' devices that they use to access the Internet in order to identify individual devices and settings that users have used to access them. Cookies allow websites to identify if a user has already visited this website, and with advanced applications, they can be used to customize individual settings accordingly. Their storage is under the full control of the browser used by the user - the user can restrict or disable the storage of cookies if desired.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services; the most common e-commerce features would not be possible without cookies. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the website remembers the individual's preferences and experiences, and browsing the websites is thus more efficient and enjoyable. There are several reasons to use cookies. They are used to store information about the status of an individual website (details of customizations of an individual website), help to implement online services (eg online store), help collect statistics about users and website traffic, web user habits, etc. We can therefore use cookies to evaluate the effectiveness of the design of our website. You can also read the guidelines of the Information Commissioner for the use of cookies on the recommended and permitted use of cookies on this website.

List of cookies on our website

•      The "language" cookie is created to store the currently selected language.

•      The "authentication" cookie is created to verify presence.

•      The "dnn_IsMobile" cookie is created to determine whether a visitor is using a mobile device to browse.

•      The ".DOTNETNUKE" cookie is created to enable some website's functionalities.

•      The ".ASPXANONYMOUS" cookie is used by websites that use Microsoft's .NET technology platform. Allows the site to maintain an anonymous user ID to track unique users within the session.

•      The "LastPageId" cookie is used by the CMS to store TabID data, which represents the last page visited.

•      The "RequestVerificationToken" cookie is used by websites that use the Microsoft .NET Technology Platform. It is designed to prevent unauthorized publication of content on a website, known as Cross-Site Request Forgery. It does not contain user information and is deleted when the browser is closed.

•      Google _utma cookie is used by Google Analytics – records the distinction between users and sessions

•      Google _utmb cookie is used by Google Analytics – records a new session or a new user

•      Google _utmz cookie is used by Google Analytics – specifies the traffic source or campaign

•      Google _utmc cookie is used by Google Analytics – records the duration of the visit

•      Google _utmt cookie is used by Google Analytics – records the type of request

The cookies we use on our website do not collect your personally identifiable information and may not damage your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Cookies enable the seamless functioning of our website and help us understand what information is most useful and relevant to visitors.


By using this website, you agree that this website sets cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Manage and delete cookies

If you want to change the way you use cookies in your browser, including blocking or deleting them, you can do so by changing your browser settings accordingly. To manage cookies, most browsers allow you to accept or reject all cookies, accept only a certain type of cookie, or alert you that a site wants to store a cookie. You can also easily delete cookies stored by your browser. If you change or delete your browser's cookie file, change or upgrade your browser or device, you may need to disable cookies again. The process for managing and deleting cookies varies from browser to browser. If you need help with this, you can look in your browser's help for users. You can also disable Google Analytics tracking at the following link.