In the support scheme, devices that receive support on the basis of a public invitation or a call are published by the Energy Agency. In the context of the call, projects can be selected according to the permitted increase in the amount of funds for support in the next year, the compliance of the project with the plan of operation of the support scheme for achieving the objectives set out in the National Action Plan for the use of renewable energy and the offered price for electricity produced by the manufacturer together with determined the estimated quantity of production when applying for a public call. Support shall be provided for generating installations to renewable energy sources not exceeding 10 MW of rated net power, except for wind power generation plants, where this limit is 50 MW, and for high efficiency cogeneration generating plants not exceeding 20 MW of nominal electrical power.
In accordance with the EZ-1, the Energy Agency is obliged to publish a public call by 1 October each year, which should be opened by 1 November at the latest or until the expected increase in the amount of funds for the implementation of the electricity support scheme for the next year, inviting investors to register projects for generating plants on renewable energy sources and for high-efficiency cogeneration, which are invited to tender for the receipt of support in the next year. The first such call was announced at the end of 2016.